Cry Don’t Cry – Megan J Ingham

Doc Redeye announce a series of productions by independent artists as Megan J Ingham (18) releases her first original single ‘Cry Don’t Cry’ for national distribution.

Megan has a totally definitive style, mixing classical orchestrations with beats to create a unique and original sound. Her operatic style has a drum and bass feel that at times creates a surreal re-incarnation almost reminiscent of the ‘Blue Diva’ (Fifth Element Director-Luc Besson).
The track has been developed with producer Stephen D Reid who has himself had a top 40 hit this year with ‘One in a Million’ by Re-Connected. Steve commented “Megan has an amazing voice, I love working with different styles and this has been a great opportunity to develop new areas of writing, especially with the extended mix exploring the full extent of her talent.”
She has been singing since the age of 13, gaining her first real opportunities to perform on stage during her school years appearing in ‘MacBeth’, ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’ and ‘Evita’, with recent performances as part of the Burnley Light Opera Society.
The maturity of her voice belies her years as she is already creating interest across the music industry with powerful performances and haunting melodies, giving her an original and refreshing sound for today’s music scene. The track is now on I-Tunes, Amazon and all good downloads, with the extended mix video (filmed at the Hippodrome Theatre, Colne), now available to see on You Tube

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